I'm Oakland, CA-based writer/researcher Andrew Rosenblum -- welcome to my online portfolio. My work has appeared in Popular Science, MIT Technology Review, Fortune, Wired, Jazz at Lincoln Center Radio, Slate, and Mother Jones, among others.

I'm currently the lead producer of the iPad app for the Jazz at Lincoln Center Nesuhi Ertegun Jazz Hall of Fame. I was the head writer on the Popular Science "Evolver" app for iPad, which won the 2013 Min Award in the best paid tablet app category.

I'm currently working as a researcher for Los Angeles magazine, Planned Parenthood, and UCLA Magazine. I've also worked as a research assistant for author James Kaplan on his 2-volume Sinatra biography, for writer Vanessa Grigoriadis on her assignments for New York magazine.  I've also worked as a researcher for Entrepreneur, Upwork, and UCLA Anderson Assets.


MIT Technology Review

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Popular Science

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